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James Jim Crary

Isaak D McLemore

Brent Barker

Occupation: Small Business Owner and Coldwell Banker Oregon Commercial Principal Broker with licensing in Washington & Arizona

Occupational Background: . Worked in construction projects and trades in the early years to pay for a college education. Nationally Accredited Exercise Physiologist and trainer to work with professional sports teams (NHL, NFL, Track and Minor League Baseball); and their athletes to become a television spokesperson

Educational Background: Graduate of Aloha High School earned a Bachelor of Science in Administration and Master of Arts at California State University, Chico. Certified by the Leadership Institute’s 2018 International School of Campaign Fundraising in Vienna, Austria. Graduate education continues at Pepperdine University Caruso School of Law – Master of Legal Studies (MLS) emphasis Dispute Resolution

Prior Governmental Experience: Named 2009 US-Asia Expo Ambassador for Arizona by Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC) International Trade Council. Received the 2015 Commendation Award for Public Service by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. Precinct Committee Person (PCP) and Oregon Delegate. White House – Executive Office of the President (EOP) – Associate, Office of Advance

Long-term goal has always been a level of experience and education commensurate with the mission of government and community service. Empathic to Oregon taxpayers, citizenry and concerned to the longer-term interests of society. Charitable and volunteer activities include Homes for Hope, UMOM New Day Homeless Centers and fundraising for World Vision.

Our Campaign will focus on 3 major opportunities:

  1. Listen to and support labor and business needs
  2. Train a qualified workforce with marketable skills
  3. Encourage, promote, and incentivize new businesses to move operations to Oregon

Our focus will be on the tasks of the Office:

  1. Bring high paying jobs to Oregon
  2. Protect workers’ rights
  3. Work with Business and Labor
  4. Provide Fair and Balanced Approach to BOLI

THE TIME IS RIGHT to work for the people of Oregon. Learn more:

With grace we ask for your vote – Brent Barker for the Commissioner of Labor and Industries.

Thank you for your consideration

(This information furnished by Brent Barker for Oregon.)

Tim McCloud

Occupation: Professional

Occupational Background: Administration

Educational Background: Eastern Oregon University

Prior Governmental Experience: Local and State

McCloud is a working class American who has overcome homelessness while raising a family, attending school full time, and running a business; not a lifelong politician with a multi-million dollar advertising campaign. In his life, Tim stands firm against bullying and discrimination. As Governor, McCloud will stand strong for the freedom of all Oregonians and against discrimination. Raised by his mom and grandma, Tim was shaped with compassion from a young age and taught to protect others. A husband, father of 3 daughters, and brother to 3 sisters, he’ll fight for women’s issues.

McCloud has advocated for vulnerable Oregonians: seniors, individuals with disabilities, foster youth, individuals with mental health issues, and persons in economic crisis. Tim has experience championing for children and families in the courts and foster care systems. His leadership in community events and local commissions prepared him for making tough decisions. McCloud will roll up his sleeves for greater access to individual healthcare options for our seniors, veterans, and the medically fragile.

McCloud is committed to getting Oregon back to work; keeping schools open, thriving small businesses, and affordable quality childcare. As a former small business owner, Tim understands the time, expense, and difficulty it takes to operate a business in Oregon. Tim believes that businesses, great paying jobs, safer neighborhoods and a thriving economy are essential to our communities. As Governor of Oregon, Tim will listen to Oregonians: on our environment, economy and ways of life, because every Oregonian matters. God bless Oregon and the United States of America.

Como Gobernador de Oregón, Tim McCloud reducirá el costo de vida, mejorará la educación de los estudiantes y creará caminos hacia el estatus de ciudadanía. Conduciré para mejorar nuestro entorno natural y nuestra economía. Queremos mejores trabajos y viviendas, más libertad y calles más seguras. ¡Dios nos bendiga, Oregon y a los Estados Unidos de América!

(This information furnished by Friends of Tim McCloud for Governor.)

David W Stauffer

Occupation: Environmental Inventions Inventor

Occupational Background: School District Business Manager for the North Slope Borough School District (for seven remote Inupiat Native schools in the Arctic) for four years. Former Securities Analyst for the State of Oregon, Division of Finance and Corporate Securities, Corporation Division. Oregon Professor of accounting and business courses. Inventor of environmental inventions. Practiced law as an Oregon Attorney for 15 years. Obtained two U.S. Patents from the U.S. Patent and Trademarks Office.

Educational Background: Roosevelt High School, Portland, Oregon, High School Diploma. Bachelor of Arts from the University of Chicago. Masters in Business Administration from the University of Portland. Juris Doctorate from Northwestern School of Law at Lewis & Clark College.

Prior Governmental Experience: School District Business Manager for the North Slope Borough School District (for seven remote Inupiat Native schools in the Arctic) for four years. Former Securities Analyst for the State of Oregon, Division of Finance and Corporate Securities, Corporation Division. Oregon Professor of accounting and business courses. Inventor of environmental inventions. Practiced law as an Oregon Attorney for 15 years. Obtained two U.S. Patents from the U.S. Patent and Trademarks Office.

Dave Stauffer is the only candidate that has any solutions to our air pollution/climate problems.

Dave Stauffer has two U.S. patents on his inventions of practical, workable, politically correct, money-generating, no-tax-requiring, physical infrastructure solutions to our current environmental problems. No other candidate is campaigning on any solutions that are as cheap and effective as Dave Stauffer’s solutions, so, to get those solutions, voters need to elect Dave Stauffer.

Go to Dave Stauffer for Governor (Facebook) and Dave Stauffer for President (Facebook) and watch a dozen short videos which explain Dave Stauffer’s Platform.

(This information furnished by David Stauffer.)

Dennis Linthicum

Senator Dennis Linthicum is a businessman, rancher, irrigator, and former Klamath County Commissioner who has been steeped in information technology for most of his career. He has served as both Vice Presidents and Senior Vice President for various IT concerns and was formerly a licensed Oregon construction contractor (CCB) member.

For several years Dennis has been writing as the Dirt Road Economist, where he brings relevant insight regarding local economies and their meaningful contributions to the marketplace. Rural economies bring raw, natural resources into Oregon’s global marketplace where cities and industries can create and supply finished products. One of his favorite quips is, “Since, it all starts down some dusty dirt road, it all boils down to dirt road economics.”

His educational background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from UCLA and a Master’s Degree from BIOLA University.

Tobias Read

Occupation: State Treasurer

Occupational Background: Oregon Treasurer, Oregon State Representative

Educational Background: University of Washington, MBA; Willamette University, BA.

Prior Governmental Experience: 2017-present; State Representative, 2007-2016

“I’m frustrated with where Oregon is today. We must urgently provide homeless Oregonians with safe, stable housing and access to mental health and addiction services while cleaning up our public spaces; get illegal guns off our streets and reduce gun violence; and make sure schools stay open, so our kids don’t fall further behind. As governor, I will challenge the status quo in Salem to create a brighter future for all.”

– Treasurer Tobias Read

A Vision for a Stronger Oregon

A parent of two kids in public schools, Treasurer Read believes we should measure Oregon’s progress by the well-being of our kids. As governor, he will create a universal pre-K program for every child, expand access to affordable childcare, and make raising literacy and graduation rates a top priority. He’ll build more housing of all types to bring down the cost of living, get tough on gun violence, and continue Oregon’s leadership in investing in clean energy to combat climate change.

A Record of Results

Treasurer Read created a program that helped more than 100,000 Oregonians save over $150 million for retirement, and tens of thousands save for college. He’s cut Wall Street fees, saving taxpayers more than $500 million. He’s doubled the state’s investment in clean energy, and led the charge to create the Elliott State Research Forest. As a legislator, he was a leader in passing full-day kindergarten and establishing Oregon’s rainy day fund.

“Oregon needs a Governor with a statewide record of tackling tough issues, delivering results, and fighting for Oregonians living in every corner of this great state. That’s why I’m supporting Tobias. Oregon needs his proven and steady leadership.”

– Governor Barbara Roberts


Joint Council of Teamsters No.37

Rep. Janelle Bynum

Rep. David Gomberg

Lake Oswego City Councilor Daniel Nguyen

More endorsements:

(This information furnished by Friends of Tobias Read.)

Shemia Fagan

Secretary of State Shemia Fagan is mom to two young children and a proud lifelong Oregonian. Secretary Fagan was raised by her dad and two older brothers in small towns in Wasco county. Secretary Fagan has always been open with Oregonians about the challenges her family overcame—Fagan’s dad struggled as a single parent and her mom battled addiction and homelessness during Fagan’s childhood. But Secretary Fagan was encouraged by loving members of her community and the dedicated educators who would not give up on her.

After graduating from The Dalles High School in 1999, Fagan earned a scholarship to play soccer for Northwest Nazarene University in Nampa, Idaho where she earned her B.A. in Philosophy and Religion. Following college, Fagan worked to save money before attending law school at Willamette University College of Law and earning her J.D. at Lewis and Clark Law School. While working as an attorney at Ater Wynne LLP and later at HKM Employment Attorneys LLP, Fagan received training on campaigning for public office from the Emerge Oregon program. Fagan first entered public service in 2011 when she was elected to the David Douglas School Board. Later, Secretary Fagan served in the Oregon House and Senate before she was elected Oregon’s 28​th Secretary of State in 2020. Secretary Fagan is a strong defender of the nation’​s most successful vote by mail system and committed to building on Oregon’s tradition of secure and accessible elections.