Brent Barker

Race: Secretary of State


Occupation: Small Business Owner and Coldwell Banker Oregon Commercial Principal Broker with licensing in Washington & Arizona

Occupational Background: . Worked in construction projects and trades in the early years to pay for a college education. Nationally Accredited Exercise Physiologist and trainer to work with professional sports teams (NHL, NFL, Track and Minor League Baseball); and their athletes to become a television spokesperson

Educational Background: Graduate of Aloha High School earned a Bachelor of Science in Administration and Master of Arts at California State University, Chico. Certified by the Leadership Institute’s 2018 International School of Campaign Fundraising in Vienna, Austria. Graduate education continues at Pepperdine University Caruso School of Law – Master of Legal Studies (MLS) emphasis Dispute Resolution

Prior Governmental Experience: Named 2009 US-Asia Expo Ambassador for Arizona by Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC) International Trade Council. Received the 2015 Commendation Award for Public Service by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. Precinct Committee Person (PCP) and Oregon Delegate. White House – Executive Office of the President (EOP) – Associate, Office of Advance

Long-term goal has always been a level of experience and education commensurate with the mission of government and community service. Empathic to Oregon taxpayers, citizenry and concerned to the longer-term interests of society. Charitable and volunteer activities include Homes for Hope, UMOM New Day Homeless Centers and fundraising for World Vision.

Our Campaign will focus on 3 major opportunities:

  1. Listen to and support labor and business needs
  2. Train a qualified workforce with marketable skills
  3. Encourage, promote, and incentivize new businesses to move operations to Oregon

Our focus will be on the tasks of the Office:

  1. Bring high paying jobs to Oregon
  2. Protect workers’ rights
  3. Work with Business and Labor
  4. Provide Fair and Balanced Approach to BOLI

THE TIME IS RIGHT to work for the people of Oregon. Learn more:

With grace we ask for your vote – Brent Barker for the Commissioner of Labor and Industries.

Thank you for your consideration

(This information furnished by Brent Barker for Oregon.)