Raymond Baldwin

Dustin Watkins

Tim McCloud

Occupation: Professional

Occupational Background: Administration

Educational Background: Eastern Oregon University

Prior Governmental Experience: Local and State

McCloud is a working class American who has overcome homelessness while raising a family, attending school full time, and running a business; not a lifelong politician with a multi-million dollar advertising campaign. In his life, Tim stands firm against bullying and discrimination. As Governor, McCloud will stand strong for the freedom of all Oregonians and against discrimination. Raised by his mom and grandma, Tim was shaped with compassion from a young age and taught to protect others. A husband, father of 3 daughters, and brother to 3 sisters, he’ll fight for women’s issues.

McCloud has advocated for vulnerable Oregonians: seniors, individuals with disabilities, foster youth, individuals with mental health issues, and persons in economic crisis. Tim has experience championing for children and families in the courts and foster care systems. His leadership in community events and local commissions prepared him for making tough decisions. McCloud will roll up his sleeves for greater access to individual healthcare options for our seniors, veterans, and the medically fragile.

McCloud is committed to getting Oregon back to work; keeping schools open, thriving small businesses, and affordable quality childcare. As a former small business owner, Tim understands the time, expense, and difficulty it takes to operate a business in Oregon. Tim believes that businesses, great paying jobs, safer neighborhoods and a thriving economy are essential to our communities. As Governor of Oregon, Tim will listen to Oregonians: on our environment, economy and ways of life, because every Oregonian matters. God bless Oregon and the United States of America.

Como Gobernador de Oregón, Tim McCloud reducirá el costo de vida, mejorará la educación de los estudiantes y creará caminos hacia el estatus de ciudadanía. Conduciré para mejorar nuestro entorno natural y nuestra economía. Queremos mejores trabajos y viviendas, más libertad y calles más seguras. ¡Dios nos bendiga, Oregon y a los Estados Unidos de América!

(This information furnished by Friends of Tim McCloud for Governor.)

Reed K Christensen

Occupation: Retired

Occupational Background: US Army Officer – active duty 1983 – 1987, Electrical Engineer – processor design teams for Intel 1989 – 2021

Educational Background: BS in Electrical Engineering – Washington State 1983, MS Electrical Engineering – BYU 1989

Prior Governmental Experience: None

There is a terrible sickness in Oregon that needs a cure, and it has nothing to do with a flu variant that has been given a name. The pandemic that is smothering our State is officials jettisoning what it means to be an American in order to declare the supremacy of government and to claim unprecedented power.

It is time for Americans to rally around the Constitution and to use it as a Compass to guide the fight against the tyranny that is threatening our freedoms.

I will be asking Oregonians to have the courage to only obey mandates, orders, and laws that are in harmony with the principles of the Constitution, and to set up their hearts, cities, and counties as Constitutional Sanctuaries.

I have a fifteen point Charter of Liberty that will begin the restoration of Oregon back to its proper place of freedom and prosperity. Here are some of the points:

  1. Each County will return to a traditional, open, transparently honest Election system, with in person voting using voter ID on Election Day only.
  2. Ban imposition of mandated health measures or medical procedures.
  3. Move school funding directly to Parents.
  4. As unborn children have an inalienable right to life, pass law to restrict abortion.
  5. No surgeries or medications to feign a sex change on minors younger than 21. No biological males in female sports, restrooms, dressing rooms, or locker rooms.
  6. The 2nd Amendment is a Citizens’ Concealed Carry permit.

Go to “savethekid.com” to see a complete Charter of Liberty, position papers, and video blog postings.

(This information furnished by Reed K Christensen.)

Ifeanyichukwu Chijioke Diru

Bill Sizemore

John Sweeney

Occupation: Cable Television Co-Host

Occupational Background: Management Consultant; Supervisor, Portland Parks; Captain, Oregon Army National Guard.

Educational Background: Kubasaki American High School; Portland Community College; U.S. Army Command and General Staff College.

Prior Governmental Experience: Director, Multnomah Education Service District.


I want to improve Oregon’s education, clean Oregon’s air, help the cities and counties, help the homeless/houseless and stop the shootings.

Education: I want four special classes about nine weeks long for seventh graders. Why seventh graders? Because that’s when they become teenagers and is a TUFF TIME OF LIFE!

  1. Money Management: This will give them a good understanding of saving and investing.
  2. Civics: Every American needs to know how our government works. Maybe they will take over some day.
  3. LifePlan: What do I want to do in life? This class will explore fields of work.
  4. Law Related Education: The students will study the Court System. They have class time and a tour of the Court House. When I was a Director of the Multnomah Education Service District, the managers of the program said “IT WAS VERY EFFECTIVE.”

The schools must stress throughout the school experience that you must graduate from high school. If you don’t graduate from high school you may fail in life and become an economic cripple!

Clean Air: There are many big things in the works for clean air. We can aim is to use cleaner fuels. Many newer vehicles can use E-85 gas. I will run Oregon State vehicles on E-85 gas.

We need to help the cities and counties to help the homeless/homeless. The state can and will aid to solve this problem!

Stop the shootings: If the local police will not or can not stop the gun violence the State Police or National Guard will step in. It must end!

Elect JOHN SWEENEY for Governor. He will be working for you.


(This information furnished by Friends of JohnSweeney1901.)

Kevin C Levy

Julian Bell

Occupation: Medical Doctor

Occupational Background: Medical Doctor

Educational Background: Cornell University, BA, Anthropology, ’94; New York Medical College, MD, ’00

Prior Governmental Experience: Ashland Parks and Recreation Commission, 2018-present

Climate change is Oregon’s biggest issue. It drives water shortages and wildfires, destroys homes and farms, and harms tourism. It threatens our prosperity whether we’re red, blue, rich, poor, urban or rural. Our Governor and Legislature have plenty to do, but legislation is slow while our own decisions can turn on a dime. We are all in this together, so we voters must drastically reduce our own fossil fuel use and insist that our elected representatives follow our lead at the state level. We can do this: Voter’s Pamphlet readers are community leaders!

Buying electric leaf blowers, home heating / air conditioning systems and hot water heaters means investing in our future. If you’re lucky and you have the means, upgrade to an all-electric HVAC, hot water heater or leaf-blower right away. Greenhouse gas emissions go up as income goes up, so it’s double the bang for the buck! If you don’t, replace a broken fossil fuel powered item with an electric one. Air travel is a huge source of emissions. Don’t cut out flying completely, just cut back. Vacation in Oregon!

Natural gas is 95% methane. Methane leaks all the way from the fracking well to our kitchen stoves. Methane traps 120 times as much heat as CO2 when it has just leaked into the atmosphere. It also breaks down over 12 years to be only 25 times as bad as CO2. The fastest way to decrease our atmosphere’s heat trapping effect right now is to eliminate as much natural gas as possible.

Ask your candidate what their carbon footprint is. Mine’s about 5 tons (carboncalculator.com) – no offsets. Tell your friends you are voting and donating based on who you think will do the most to fix climate change.

Visit drjulianbell.com; electrifynow.net; 350pdx.org.

(This information furnished by Julian Bell.)

David W Stauffer

Occupation: Environmental Inventions Inventor

Occupational Background: School District Business Manager for the North Slope Borough School District (for seven remote Inupiat Native schools in the Arctic) for four years. Former Securities Analyst for the State of Oregon, Division of Finance and Corporate Securities, Corporation Division. Oregon Professor of accounting and business courses. Inventor of environmental inventions. Practiced law as an Oregon Attorney for 15 years. Obtained two U.S. Patents from the U.S. Patent and Trademarks Office.

Educational Background: Roosevelt High School, Portland, Oregon, High School Diploma. Bachelor of Arts from the University of Chicago. Masters in Business Administration from the University of Portland. Juris Doctorate from Northwestern School of Law at Lewis & Clark College.

Prior Governmental Experience: School District Business Manager for the North Slope Borough School District (for seven remote Inupiat Native schools in the Arctic) for four years. Former Securities Analyst for the State of Oregon, Division of Finance and Corporate Securities, Corporation Division. Oregon Professor of accounting and business courses. Inventor of environmental inventions. Practiced law as an Oregon Attorney for 15 years. Obtained two U.S. Patents from the U.S. Patent and Trademarks Office.

Dave Stauffer is the only candidate that has any solutions to our air pollution/climate problems.

Dave Stauffer has two U.S. patents on his inventions of practical, workable, politically correct, money-generating, no-tax-requiring, physical infrastructure solutions to our current environmental problems. No other candidate is campaigning on any solutions that are as cheap and effective as Dave Stauffer’s solutions, so, to get those solutions, voters need to elect Dave Stauffer.

Go to Dave Stauffer for Governor (Facebook) and Dave Stauffer for President (Facebook) and watch a dozen short videos which explain Dave Stauffer’s Platform.

(This information furnished by David Stauffer.)