Ben Edtl

Occupation: CEO at Free Oregon, Inc.

Occupational Background: Founder & CEO of Free Oregon, Inc. a non-partisan 501c4 advocating for government accountability; 20-year career entrepreneur in Manufacturing, Software, Retail and Consumer Products.

Educational Background: Business & entrepreneurship lecturer: University of Portland, Portland State University and Washington State University.

Prior Governmental Experience: Precinct Committee Person. Leadership & Entrepreneurship Public Charter High School Board Chairman.

The State is working aggressively to destroy generations of Oregonians through lockdowns, school closures and tyrannical state actions – all in the name of “safety” and “equity.”

After my family business was destroyed in 2020 by lockdowns, lawlessness and cancel culture, I decided to take a stand. I founded Free Oregon, Inc., a non-partisan 501c4 fiercely fighting against government overreach. Free Oregon unified tens of thousands of Oregonians to defend the freedoms of first responders, teachers and healthcare workers; restore back to basics education in our schools; hold government accountable to operate within the law; and expose and punish political corruption. As your representative for Senate District 19, I will continue this fight against the relentless attacks on our freedoms and “clean house” in Salem.


  • Limit the powers of governor, OHA, ODE and OSHA
  • Reverse Covid mandates and return to constitutionally guaranteed medical freedoms and bodily autonomy
  • Support and fully fund public safety infrastructure
  • Protect 2nd Amendment rights
  • Reverse unconstitutional gun laws imposed on law abiding citizens
  • Stop political indoctrination in our public schools, restore statewide standards, remove divisive CRT and return school districts to local control
  • Lower taxes; reduce the size of state government; support small business and defend property rights

Our bodies, our children and our property do not belong to the government. It’s time to take Oregon in a new direction.


Restore Oregon Now, PAC

Parents’ Rights in Education, PAC

Oregonians for Medical Freedom, Executive Director Breana Jarmer

Free Oregon, Inc

Oregon Firearms Federation, PAC

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(This information furnished by Ben Edtl for the People.)


Kimberly Rice

Occupation: Teacher

Occupational Background: Taught in Oregon, Washington, and Colorado schools

Educational Background: BA in Elementary Education, cum laude; University of Portland

Prior Governmental Experience: None

Family: I have been married for 31 years to my husband, a native Oregonian. My husband and I have two grown daughters.

Kim Rice for Senate District 18

Our families, businesses, and communities have been increasingly negatively impacted by progressive leftist policies. Oregonians deserve better. I am running because I care about our families and this beautiful state. Simply put, I will provide balance against government overreach and mandates. In these last two years have I have seen people come together to protect our God-given inalienable rights. People want leaders who will stand up to the agendas that infringe on our rights.

I support:

  • Liberty and personal freedoms for all. No mandates!
  • Parents and their rights to make independent decisions regarding health and education for their families. We need choice in schools and money following the student.
  • The US and Oregon Constitutions. I will uphold our Bill of Rights.
  • Safe communities.
  • Fair and friendly business policies that support small businesses.

I would be honored to earn your vote.

(This information furnished by People for Kim Rice.)


Carolina Malmedal

Occupation: Owner, Malmedal Plumbing; Owner, M3 Luxury Restroom Rentals

Occupational Background: Customer Service Supervisor, Alaska Airlines, 1990-2002

Educational Background: International Air Academy; Coursework at Washington State University

Prior Governmental Experience: None

Community Involvement: Hillsboro Rotary Club Board & Past President, Home Plate Youth Services, Banks Community Auction Chair, Liberty Football Fundraising Chair, Volunteer for St. Vincent De Paul, Helvetia Church Homeless Outreach, Washington County Family Justice Center, Member of the Lake Oswego Republican Women, Hillsboro Elks, Hillsboro Rotary Club.

Family: Married 20 years to husband, Kris, three children, two grandchildren


As an immigrant from Spain who came to America as a child, I am grateful every day to be an American and for the freedoms we have that others around the globe don’t.

That’s why it has been so disappointing to see lawmakers in Oregon vote to make our communities less safe, schools less accountable for educational outcomes, and to hurt small businesses with government mandates.

As a small business owner, I know how difficult it is to be responsible for the livelihoods of employees, working to make sure they have family-wage jobs with good benefits. But new laws have made it extremely difficult to run businesses, causing them to take their capital investments out of Oregon.

Lawmakers vote to release criminals early from their sentences, resulting in rising property and drug crimes. Having been personally been a victim of crime recently, Oregon is going the wrong direction on public safety.

And as a mother, I’m concerned that record-high education funding is being misspent. Graduation rates reflect money isn’t reaching the teachers or our kids in their classrooms.

I’m standing up for those of us who are frustrated seeing Oregon’s race to failure. We deserve better. Please join me in electing better leadership in Salem.

I’d appreciate your vote to be our State Senator!

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Anthony J Rosilez

Occupation: Executive Director, Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission

Occupational Background: Teacher; School Superintendent; College Educator and Administrator; Attorney

Educational Background: University of Wisconsin-Madison, Ph.D. (2011); University of California, Los Angeles, J.D. (1994), B.A. (1990)

Prior Governmental Experience: Chair, Keizer Community Diversity Engagement Committee; Member, Oregon Board of Bar Examiners; Director, Oregon Educator Advancement Council; Vice Chair, Washington County Commission on Children and Families


Our community is rich in diverse cultures, industry, and economy. A Latino from a blue-collar home with farming roots, and first in his family to go to college, Anthony Rosilez knows the challenges that many struggle with every day in order to put food on the table and “get ahead.”

Do current legislators and candidates truly understand and represent the aspirations of working families? Partisan politics and representing the status quo continue to plague the legislature. Oregon needs diverse leadership that reaches across the aisle and puts our futures before their pasts. Policies are only as good as their ability to be implemented. As a lifelong educator and public servant, Anthony knows what it takes to make policies work. The time is now for Anthony Rosilez to represent District 11 in Salem.

As Senator, Anthony will fight for:

  • Fair wages and workplace protections for all employees
  • Accessible, affordable, and quality healthcare for all Oregonians
  • Affordable housing and a comprehensive rather than disjointed plan to address the root causes of homelessness
  • An education system designed and adequately funded for tomorrow, not yesterday
  • Responsible natural resource use and climate protection for our children and the Oregon they deserve
  • A tax system that addresses community needs while reducing the burden on working families and small businesses
  • Programs that incentivize innovation and are responsive to local communities.

Anthony’s leadership is rooted in faith, heritage, perseverance, and social justice – the leadership Oregon needs today. Thank you. She flies with her own wings!

(This information furnished by Friends of Anthony Rosilez.)


Valerie Draper Woldeit

Raquel M Ivie

Ashley Pelton

Occupation: Social Worker; ‘Clean Slate Oregon’ Campaign Coordinator (Criminal Justice Reform)

Occupational Background: Support Staff for Adults with Developmental Disabilities; EMT; Eye/Tissue/Organ Donation; Case Manager; Ballot Initiative Coordinator

Educational Background: Pacific University- MSW, Licensed Master Social Worker; University of California, Davis- B.S. Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior

Prior Governmental Experience: Lane County Precinct Committee Person, Lane County Independent Redistricting Committee

Community Involvement: National Association of Social Workers Legislative Committee; Young Democrats of Oregon; 2020 DNC National Delegate

I am a Social Worker, Mother, and Advocate with grassroots policy development and coalition-building experience. Comprehensive policy should protect our vulnerable and include diverse voices; it’s time to address the systemic cracks and gaps that weaken and divide our communities!

We require a number of essentials to thrive that go beyond just food, water, and shelter. Our access to essential services is limited and this negatively impacts our physical and mental wellbeing. With the proper accessibility and availability of resources, we can build a vibrant economy, strengthen our education system, protect our environment, support local farms, and truly thrive as a happier and healthier community!

Strengthening Rural Communities

  • Increase access to resources by certifying rural clinics and establishing Federally Qualified Health Centers in underserved areas
  • Increase access to education and well paying jobs
  • Improve internet infrastructure
  • Amplify rural voices in Salem!

Homelessness, Addiction, Mental Health

  • Fund mobile outreach, peer mentoring, inpatient and outpatient services
  • Increase capacity at the Oregon State Hospital
  • Expand resources for families to help their loved ones
  • Create a multi-disciplinary approach to deliver comprehensive rehabilitation

Criminal Justice Reform

  • Better prepare individuals for reintegration into the community post-incarceration
  • Eliminate barriers to rejoin the workforce, education sector, and housing market
  • Divert people with behaviors stemming from mental health/addiction/survival into intensive case management services in lieu of incarceration

Representative Marty Wilde
Former State Representative Joseph Gallegos
Paul Solomon, Executive Director- Sponsors, Inc.
National Association of Social Workers Oregon Chapter
Oregon League of Conservation Voters
and many more!

(This information furnished by Pelton for Oregon.)


Randy Sparacino

Occupation: Mayor, City of Medford

Occupational Background: Chief Policy Advisor – City of Medford (retired), Chief – Medford Police Department (retired); Medford Police Department (1990-2019); United States Army National Guard and Reserve (1989-1995)

Educational Background: Master’s degree in Management and bachelor’s degree in Social Science, Southern Oregon University

Prior Governmental Experience: Rogue Community College Board of Education – Past Vice-Chair; Jackson County Airport Advisory Committee – Past Chair; Oregon Association Chiefs of Police Board of Directors

“Randy has a lifelong record of helping to make this community safer and better. He’s just what southern Oregon needs in Salem.”

-Congressman Greg Walden


A proud husband and father, Randy Sparacino has spent his career protecting and serving the people of Oregon. Currently, Randy is the Mayor of Medford. Previously, he had a storied career with the Medford Police Department, ultimately serving as its Chief. His work to strengthen community-police relations established the department as one of the top agencies in the state. Randy and his wife, Jennifer, are proud to call Oregon their home.

Protect Our Communities

Serious crime is out of control. Our police are under attack. As former Chief, Randy will back the blue, not defund them. He’ll work every day to secure law enforcement funding, restoring peace and safety in our communities.

Manage the Wildfires

Our forests are a precious resource, but they require proper and active management. Randy knows we need to bring back common-sense policies and reduce the threat of wildfires.

Reduce the Cost of Living

When inflation skyrockets, Oregon families suffer. Randy will fight against runaway spending, which ultimately taxes the middle class. He’ll work to make Oregon an affordable place to live, work, run a business and raise a family.


Fmr. Congressman Greg Walden

Alan DeBoer, Fmr. State Senator

Oregon Chiefs of Police Association

Sheriffs of Oregon

Nate Sickler, Jackson County Sheriff

Dave Dotterrer, Jackson County Commissioner

Rick Dyer, Jackson County Commissioner

Scott Clauson, Fmr. Medford Police Chief

(This information furnished by Randy Sparacino.)


Kevin Christman

Occupation: Sculptor

Occupational Background: Research Technician, McDonnell Douglas; Northrop Corporation, B2.

Educational Background: Art Center, 2; Hutchinson AVTI, 2; Paynesville High, Diploma.

Prior Governmental Experience: Jackson County Precinct Coordinator

Elect Kevin Christman

Southern Oregon has been my home for 24 years. My training and experience within the aerospace industry enables me to understand and address complex issues, my career as a prominent local and national artist has refined my skills as a creator, problem solver, communicator, negotiator and listener.

My artwork adorns St. Mary’s Chapel and Celia’s Hospice House in Medford as well as the Guanajuato Walkway in Ashland and the Skate Park in Talent. I have a strong commitment to Southern Oregon and future generations in Jackson county.

The past two years have been difficult for many, personally, I suffered through the loss of my business in the Alameda fire and understand the power of community in helping each other get back on our feet. Now more than ever, I am committed to the importance of realistic commonsense solutions regarding water issues, and will support forest management practices to reduce catastrophic wildfires and maintain forest ecosystems.

As a father, I’m a proponent of school choice and strongly believe our tax dollars should follow the student so parents have alternative opportunities in educating their children, as well as a say in the curriculum. I know the responsibility of taking care of a family and keeping loved ones safe. I maintain a commitment to public safety and supporting law enforcement.

As a constitutionally minded representative I will work hard to protect our rights, stand up to Government over-reach, advocate to protectprivate property rights and reduce intrusionary regulations set by agenda driven policies. We need to remove out of touch politicians who have been embedded in government for decades. I ask for your vote, this May 17th.

Endorsment: Brian Heikkila, Jackson County Republican Chairman 2020-2022

Kevin Christman – Because It’s Time for a Change

(This information furnished by Kevin Christman.)


Richard (Rich) Walsh

Occupation: Attorney

Occupational Background: Practicing attorney since 1986. Small business owner in Salem (1994-2000) and Keizer (2000-present). Rich has also worked as a union employee of UPS and Fred Meyers.

Educational Background: JD from the University of Oregon Law School.

Prior Governmental Experience: Keizer City Council 2000-2011. Served on or chaired numerous volunteer city committees and boards including Parks Board, budget committees, library exploration committee, and regional transportation committees.


  • Rich has devoted his career to fighting for underdogs against powerful insurance companies.
  • Rich’s cases have advanced protections for all Oregon workers, including agricultural workers.
  • Rich understands that communities of color and seniors are most likely to be taken advantage of by predatory individuals and corporations.


  • Rich was among the first in our community to advocate for micro-shelters to give the unsheltered a chance at a new start.
  • Rich is currently serving on the Advisory Board of the non-profit group that provides micro-shelters and supportive services.


  • Rich believes that the legislature should prioritize protecting the climate.
  • Rich helped create Keizer’s first burn ban and curbside recycle program.


  • Rich is dedicated to work for campaign finance reform and health care for all.


  • Twice elected Keizer City Council President.
  • Received leadership award from the Council of Governments.
  • Received President’s award from Keizer Chamber.
  • Keizer Rapids Park’s road and boat ramp are named after Rich in recognition of his leadership role in creating the park.

I am running because too many politicians focus their time and attention on creating division and hatred instead of solving problems. Enough is Enough! Let’s focus on getting things done!


Keizer City Councilor Roland Herrera

Salem Mayor Chuck Bennett

Former State Rep. Brian Clem, Salem

Former State Rep Betty Komp, Woodburn

Former Marion County Commissioner Randal Franke

State Rep Paul Evans, Monmouth

Community Organizers Aileen Kaye and Cindy Kimball

Former UFCW union secretary/treasurer Jeff Anderson


(This information furnished by Richard Walsh.)