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John Woods

Occupation: Retired

Occupational Background: Electronics Technician

Educational Background: Assoc. Degree, Electrical Technology, Morrisville Ag & Tech College

Prior Governmental Experience: US Navy Veteran

I Will Fight to Reign In Crime.

The highest purpose of our police is to secure the life, property, and rights of the people. Like the rest of us, Police must obey the law and be held accountable when they don’t. At the same time, police must be able to enforce the law confident we have their backs. Police should be the wall standing between lawful citizens and criminal activity. We must adequately fund, train, and honor the vast majority of police who serve with honor and heroism.

I Will Address the Homelessness Problem.

Like you, I want to show compassion to people struggling to survive. But widespread homelessness and aggressive panhandling is no answer. Oregonians have a right to clean, safe neighborhoods free of trash and human waste. It’s time to shut down homeless camps and tent communities. At the same time, let’s work with our churches, communities, and networks of shelters and services to make alternatives of homelessness safer and more accessible. Job creation, and training for those who can work is an important step. Mental health issues and substance abuse issues need to be addressed.

I Will Fight to Empower Parents.

Schools and teachers are important, but PARENTS should be the primary directors of their childrens’ education. Parents are the ones who see the talents, skills, needs and dreams of their children. School curriculum, teaching methods, board policies, and other such things must be transparent and easily accessible to parents. Money should follow students into any accredited public, private, charter, or home school chosen by parents. All parents should have access to the same choices, regardless of income. Our schools should be as diverse as our children are.

We know what works. We just need to do it. Elect me and I will.

(This information furnished by John Woods.)


Alistair Firmin

Occupation: Business Executive

Occupational Background: Performance Improvement, Leadership, Technology

Educational Background: MBA, William & Mary, Mason School of Business. BA, Communication, University at Albany, State University of New York.

Prior Governmental Experience: Appointed to Lake Oswego School Board committee

Community Involvement: Immediate Past Board Chair of OMSI, Past Board Chair of Youth Villages Oregon, Board member of Cascade Pacific Council Scouts BSA, Assistant Scoutmaster of a Scouts BSA troop of girls.

Personal: Married to Kate for 23 years. Father of 2 Lake Oswego graduates and 2 currently in Lake Oswego schools.


The most important thing is that you vote.

Balance, Moderation, True Representation


Oregon needs a more balanced legislature. Supermajority rule is harming this once great state.

  • 34% of registered voters control 62% of the House of Representatives
  • Voters defeated a gross receipts tax; the legislature chose to pass one anyway
  • Oregonians deserve more value for the amount of money we pay in taxes


Governing from the middle and bringing all to the table will get Oregon back on track.

  • Partner with business to restore Oregon’s economic strength
  • Reasonable, responsible controls and regulations
  • Long term planning, not knee jerk politically motivated decisions

True Representation

All Oregonians deserve a voice; a few individuals in one party should not control decisions for all.

  • Public schools must work for all, education standards raised, and curriculum input from parents
  • Law enforcement is essential to the well-being of our communities and needs to be supported
  • Homeless crisis across the state is getting worse, not better; we need a comprehensive plan


Lake Oswego Councilor John Wendland

Lake Oswego Counselor Aaron Rapf

Portland Business Executive Claudia Valderrama

Small Business Owner Ashley Miller

Former Oregon Republican Party Chair Allen Alley

Former Lake Oswego Board Chair Bob Barman

Former Lake Oswego Mayor Kent Studebaker

Former Lake Oswego Councilor Jeff Gudman

Former Lake Oswego Councilor Skip O’Neill


(This information furnished by Alistair Firmin.)


Dan Davis

Occupation: Entrpreneur, Occupation: r; Business owner/CEO (3 different companies).,President/ owner of D2X Construction and D2X Associates dba prime architect/engineering contractor to the VA in Portland, OR, Vancouver, WA; Brooklyn, NY; St Albans, NY: and Manhattan, NY; for designs, specifications, drawings and construction estimates:

Occupational Background: Occupational Background: US Army Vietnam, 1968; General Electric Co Schenectady, NYEngineer, Sr Engineer and Manager; Entrepreneur, Founder and owner: Turbine Technology Services Corp in Saratoga County ,NY. Builder/developer Jackson County, OR,S.O. Habitat for Humanity Board (President)

Educational Background: : Baccalaureate degree,Westminster College(4 years) in Math; Distinguished Military Student and Graduate; New Mexico State University, Business law and Accounting; College, Systems Analysis; GE, Effective Cash Management training.

Prior Governmental Experience: Platoon leader and unit Commander,Viet Nam, U.S. Army Safeguard System Evaluation Agency (R&D); Oregon Energy Trust Board; RVTD Board Vice Chair

As your representative some of my focus areas would be: Veterans Issues, Climate and Environment Protection, Homelessness, Fire Protection, and Suicide Prevention.

(This information furnished by Dan Davis.)

Rob Reynolds

Occupation: Business Development Manager and General Contractor

Occupational Background: Commercial alarm sales

Educational Background: Bachelor of Arts in Business Management, Warner Pacific University

Prior Governmental Experience: City of Milwaukie Public Safety Committee

Community Service: Head Deacon of Ohana Seventh Day Adventist Church, Follow The Star nativity play


Everyone has a right to safety, which means not only dedicating resources to prevention, but holding criminals accountable for their actions. We need to strengthen laws that support our police, and follow-through with prosecution. We need to hold back funding to counties whose District Attorney practices catch and release justice with rioters and other criminals.


I am an unwavering supporter of the right to keep and bear arms. Firearms safety and training should be available to all Oregonians, and legislators need to provide concealed carry reciprocity with other states.


We shouldn’t be asking Oregonians to pay for roads twice by tolling existing roads. We need to expand our transportation capacity on roads and bridges, not prioritize bike lanes over infrastructure that carries freight and commuters. When elected, I will introduce legislation to reduce the gas tax until we have a solid plan to fund our highways and bridges.


We need to manage our forests with policies that allow for thinning of state and federal forests to prevent the widespread devastation that have become commonplace every summer. This will create jobs and prevent the kind of air pollution from smoke that eliminates any gain we’ve made with low carbon policies.


It is frustrating to see public officials forget who they work for. I promise to personally return your emails within 24 hours and phone calls within 48. I will be your public representative and serve you with gratitude and distinction.


(This information furnished by Evergreen Oregon PAC.)