Walt Trandum

Race: House
District: 51


Occupation: Direct Care Worker

Occupational Background: Caregiver, stay-at-home parent (Mr. Mom), respite foster parent.

Educational Background: Jackson High School, Oregon college of Education in Monmouth (Deaf studies).

Prior Governmental Experience: Precinct Committee Person, District Leader

After redistricting, Oregon’s new District 51 now comprises most of the cities of Sandy, Estacada and Canby, plus much of the countryside in between. No other Democrats apparently thought they could win out here, but I see this race as a real opportunity to try some different approaches and hopefully show Democrats and others that there are better ways to conduct these campaigns than the politics of division.

As long as we continue to allow private interests to finance the campaigns of our elected representatives, we will remain divided and powerless.

We can’t legislate private money out of our politics because our representatives are beholden to the private money that got them elected, regardless of party.

We must start electing candidates who only take campaign money from voters they intend to represent. While this may sound expensive and difficult, it really isn’t. The dirty little secret is that these races can be won for a fraction of what is typically spent today if you skip the expensive consultants and annoying campaign ads.

In this campaign, I will only accept campaign cash from the voters of our new District 51.

My campaign’s intention is not to further divide our communities, but to unite them in common cause. If elected, our first order of business will have already been accomplished. As your new State Representative, I will be able to represent you without being controlled or constrained by the influence of outside-private money.

For more details on me, this campaign, getting involved, or having fun and saving the world, check out my website: waltsidea.com or contact the campaign via e-mail: contact@waltsidea.com and follow us on Facebook and elsewhere. Thanks!

(This information furnished by WALTS IDEA.)