Virgle J Osborne

Race: House
District: 2


Occupation: Owner, Twin Peaks Off-Road; Sales Executive, FCC Commercial Furniture

Occupational Background: Sales Manager, FCC Commercial Furniture; Manager, Carquest Auto Parts; Sales Executive, Franklin International Adhesives; Sales Manager, Silvan Incorporated

Educational Background: Umpqua Community College, Business Administration; Douglas High School; State Certified, Search and Rescue

Prior Governmental Experience: Chairman, Douglas County Planning Commission; Chairman, Oregon State Parks OHV Oversight Committee; Member, Winston Planning Commission

Ending Lawlessness & Supporting Law Enforcement

Our state has seen violence of unparalleled proportions. We continue to be put on the national stage with news of endless riots and record-breaking murders. Our police have been cast aside and shamed and their morale is low. I will stand by law enforcement every day and ensure that they have the resources necessary to do their job.

Defending Timber & Small Business

The radical policies coming from Governor Brown and extreme progressive legislators from Portland is harming our local economy. I will work tirelessly to ensure that our timberlands are properly managed and small businesses are protected from baseless shutdowns, and new taxes. They have been through enough.

Ending Government Mandates

The Government’s overreach with mandates has done irreparable harm to businesses, workers, and students. I will work to implement laws that prevent future overreach.

Protecting Your Civil Liberties

I am a staunch supporter of your 2nd Amendment rights. I will fight back against all bills that further diminish your right to keep and bear arms.

Virgle Osborne
Stronger Leadership. Better Results.

“I can attest to Virgle’s leadership and his dedication to our community. He will stand by law enforcement, protect your rights, and keep the government in check.”
– Douglas County Sheriff, John Sheriff

As a Volunteer and Team Leader on the Douglas County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Team, I understand sacrifice and dedication. As our motto reads: “These things we do so others may live.”

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