Victoria Ernst

Race: House
District: 24


Occupation: Attorney, Adjunct Assistant Professor, and tasting room host at WillaKenzie Estate & J. Christopher Wines.

Occupational Background: Attorney, Tribal Advocate, and marketing manager.

Educational Background: Newberg schools, University of Oregon (B.S.), American University (M.A. & J.D.).

Prior Governmental Experience: PCP; McMinnville Budget Committee.

I know this district.

As a fifth-generation Oregonian, born and raised in Newberg, I know this district – its residents, challenges, and opportunities. I volunteer with YCAP, NWSDS, and McMinnville’s Budget Committee, working to find solutions for the residents of Yamhill County. As your next Representative, I will go to work finding solutions for the residents of District 24.

I am passionate about improving people’s lives.

I became a lawyer to make a difference in people’s lives. Abroad, I fought to protect democracy, counter extremism, and promote human rights. When I moved back, I was shocked to see those values under attack here. We are facing extremism, division, and systemic injustices. I am running to protect the principles of democracy and ensure that all Oregonians have a voice and a place in Oregon.

I have the right experience.

I am passionate about Oregon, and I have governmental experience working with US Congress, the European Union Parliament, and the UN International Law Commission. I am a lawyer, and I understand the importance of crafting targeted, effective legislation. I work hard, and I will get things done for this district.

As your Representative, I will work to promote:

  • Access to democracy, including countering extremism and protecting human rights;
  • Access to a fair economy that serves all Oregonians;
  • Access to affordable housing;
  • Access to healthcare, including access to women's healthcare and mental healthcare;
  • Access to a healthy environment;
  • Access to quality public education; and
  • Access to justice, including adequate funding for civil legal aid and Oregon’s immigration and public defender systems.

Please vote for me to be your next Representative. Together, we can ensure District 24 serves us all fairly.

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(This information furnished by Victoria Ernst.)