Tracy M Cramer

Race: House
District: 22


Occupation: Homemaker

Occupational Background: Dental Assistant

Educational Background: Gervais High School; Anthem Dental School

Prior Governmental Experience: None

Faith and Community

Growing up in a family with three siblings in Gervais, I developed an early fondness for freedom. I have deep roots in the Gervais\Brooks communities. My father was a lifelong logger and trucker in the community as well as an ordained minister. My strong work ethic and deep Christian faith have directed my life. As a child, my siblings and I worked as farmhands, picking produce for local farmers.

I played softball, basketball, and track for Gervais High School. I also worked with Bauman Farms to continue the financial support of the local leadership club at Gervais High. With a diverse student group from all backgrounds, I was honored to be chosen Homecoming Queen my senior year.

Miracles, Determination, and Community

My husband Jake and I struggled for several years to start a family of our own, but with God’s blessing in 2019, we welcomed our twins into the world. I’ve continued to stay involved in my community but left the dental field with the birth of our third child. I am passionate about the direction of our community, local schools, and economy, and will fight to protect our rights.

I’m not a politician. I just believe it’s time for Oregonians to step up to save this great state!

A New and Fresh Voice

“Tracy Cramer is not only a wonderful mother and wife, but she’s also fired up about improving our great state and is filled with fresh ideas. I believe she’s uniquely suited for this position in the community and for this time in our state!”

Rep. Jessica George (R-St. Paul)

  • Strongly Pro-Life
  • Strongly Pro-Second Amendment & Police
  • Strongly Anti-Tax
  • Strongly Pro-School Choice

Also Endorsed By:

Former State Representative Bill Post (Republican)
Mel Counts, Realtor & OSU Hall of Famer
Taxpayers Association of Oregon PAC
Oregon Family Farm Association PAC

(This information furnished by Tracy Cramer.)