Tim Lemaster

Race: House
District: 43


Occupation: Retired Business Owner

Occupational Background: USMC, 22 years: Enlisted as a Private; retired as a Major.

Educational Background: BS Marketing, Syracuse University Military Photojournalism, S.U. Military Documentary Film Production.

Prior Governmental Experience: USMC Veteran

I Will Fight to Cut Crime.

Personal safety is paramount to community success. Police are fundamental to that safety. The community needs to KNOW police are professionally and honorably looking out for individual rights. Police need the full support of the people they serve and civic leadership to ensure our safety.
This social contract is broken. I will fight to restore it in a balanced, measured manner.

I Will Fight to Fix the Homeless Problem.

The houseless problem in Oregon is complex. Concern for the welfare and safety of those on the streets is paramount to resolving this issue. Allowing widespread tent cities and panhandling to continue is not humane to those suffering from homelessness. To do so presents an ever-increasing public safety and health problem.
We need to work through local community organizations, churches, and houseless support services to transition people off the streets and develop workplace skills helping them achieve personal success.

I Will Fight to Empower Parents.

Oregon has one of the worst-rated public education systems in the nation. This must change. Poor families have the right to choose the same education as the wealthy ones.

Oregon should facilitate an education market as diverse as our community. That that includes public, private, home, and other innovative schools for parents to choose from and allow their education money to follow their children.

“Full transparency” should be the mantra of Oregon’s education system. All teaching materials and education policies should be easily and publicly accessible for parental review.

We know what works. We just need to do it. Elect me and I will.

Tim LeMaster for State Representative.

(This information furnished by Tim Lemaster.)