Stan Stubblefield

Race: House
District: 14


Occupation: Small Business Owner, De Casa Fine Foods

Occupational Background: UPS, Center Manager; UPS, Driver; Oregon National Guard (6 years)

Educational Background: Linfield University, B.S. Business Management; Lane Community College; Umpqua Community College

Prior Governmental Experience: None

About Stan

I grew up on a small farm east of Roseburg. I learned the importance of performing a task and following through to completion. As a young boy, I was up at daybreak. My job was to move the irrigation. I learned about protecting our resources. As with all resources, water was to be used but not wasted. I learned to appreciate our natural resources. I was taught and still believe we should be good stewards of our resources. They are to be utilized to create jobs and recreation, but they are not to be wasted.

Those lessons I took with me later in life during my 20 years of running a small business. You have to be flexible, open to new challenges, and be ready to solve problems.

If I couldn’t handle the tasks of owning a business, my business would not have been successful. Yet our state leaders have failed to solve our major problems. I believe I have the knowledge and skills to help with the success of our beautiful state.


Fighting for Community Safety

Our State Police force is seriously understaffed. Today we have fewer Troopers than in 1970-1990, but our population has grown by nearly 2 million. Yet some of our politicians want to “Defund the Police,” this is crazy. We need additional funding at all levels. When we call 911, we want a quick response. We must feel safe in our homes and hold criminals accountable.

Homeless Crisis

The present solution is to simply throw money at the crisis. It is not a solution, and it only perpetuates the growing problem. We need to address the underlying problems of mental health, substance addiction and provide job training.

(This information furnished by Friends of Stan Stubblefield.)