Stan Baumhofer

Race: House
District: 33


Occupation: Retired

Occupational Background: Banking, Accounting, and Business Management

Educational Background: BA in CPA, Auerswild Accounting College; Certificates in Business Finance and Banking, Univ. of Indiana

Prior Governmental Experience: Aide to Mayor Connie McCready, City of Portland

¿ I Will Promote Mental Health Legislation.

The number of Oregonians experiencing mental health issues has grown significantly during the pandemic. However, our health care system has not rallied to respond. As a result, we see more and more Oregonians suffer the impacts of untreated mental health and addictions in our schools, on our streets, and, sadly in our jails. I will fight for increased funding for treatment. More importantly, I will work to restructure our behavioral health care system so Oregonians can receive help when they first need it.

Acknowledge Mental Health and treat it adequately !

¿ I Will Fight to Reign In Crime.

The highest purpose of our police is to secure the life, property, and rights of the people. Like the rest of us, Police must obey the law and be held accountable. At the same time, police must be able to vigorously enforce the law, confident we have their backs. We need to adequately fund, train, and support all police who serve with honor and heroism.

Enough of this crime wave – we need to take our streets back!

¿ I Will Fight to Reign In Homelessness.

Like you, I want to help and show compassion to people struggling to survive. Widespread homelessness and aggressive panhandling is not an answer. Both threaten our health and safety. It’s time to shut down homeless camps and tent communities. At the same time, we need to work with our churches, communities, and networks of shelters and services to make alternatives of homelessness safer and more accessible.

Reduce homelessness by facilitating job creation.

We know what works. We just need to do it. Elect me and I will.

(This information furnished by Stan Baumhofer.)