Scott Trahan

Race: House
District: 42


Occupation: Self-Employed, Assoc. Principal Real Estate Broker

Occupational Background: Smith Barney, CME, Floor Runner, Desk Trader. Continental Grain Co., NW Position Analyst

Educational Background: Studied: Chemekata CC, Civics; Portland CC, CS; Portland State, Math and Accounting; Reed College, Economics.

Prior Governmental Experience: Precinct Committee Chairperson

I WILL Fight to Eradicate Crime.

We pay police to secure and protect our lives, property, and rights. Like all of us, police must obey the law and be HELD ACCOUNTABLE when they don’t. Police must be allowed to enforce the law confident we have their backs. We need to FUND, TRAIN, EQUIP, and RESPECT the police who serve with honor. It's time to take back our streets.

I WILL Fight to End Homelessness

Like you, I want to help those who are struggling – but for grace, there go I. Widespread homelessness is harming everyone’s health and safety. Got rats? We need to NORMALIZE tough LOVE, COMPASSION, and LAW ENFORCEMENT instead of tent and tarp camps on every corner.

Simultaneously, work with the network of services to get folks into recovery or the mental health care they need. We need to RESET spending priorities; ELIMINATE double BUREAUCACIES (government then NGOs); FACILITATE JOB CREATION; any TAXES need to GO TO WHAT WE APPROVED them for. Are folks thrashing through your trash while yelling obscenities at the sky?

I WILL Fight to Empower Parents
Schools and teachers are essential, but PARENTS should be the PRIMARY
DIRECTORS of their childrens’ education – not officials. School CURRICULUM, teaching methods, BOARD POLICIES, must be FULLY TRANSPARENT and easily accessible to parents. Money should follow students into any accredited school. All children should have EQUAL OPPORTUNITY for education and all schools should be on a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD. Our schools should be as DIVERSE as our children are. Charter schools are funded at only 60 percent.

We know WHAT WORKS. We JUST need to DO IT. Elect me, I WILL.

(This information furnished by Anthony Scott Trahan.)