Sandra A Abercrombie

Race: House
District: 5


Occupation: Retired

Occupational Background: Computer programming with an emphasis in database design. Last position: Computer Specialist GS0334/13 – Information Engineer with the USDA Forest Service in Washington, DC.

Educational Background: BS, Math, University of Oregon, 1974; classwork completed for an MS in Math/Education at Southern Oregon University in 1985; North Bend High School, 1962; completed several computer training courses while in the Forest Service including receiving an Oracle Master certificate in Database Design.

Prior Governmental Experience: Elected Precinct Committee Person (PCP)

Sandy is Pro-Life.

Sandy is a proud parent, grandparent of 6, great grandparent of 4 and maybe soon 5.

Sandy supports both the Oregon and the National Republican Party Platforms which include support for Family and the Constitution – especially the 1st and 2nd Amendments.

Healthcare: Sandy believes that simple common sense and not government bureaucracy should guide all decisions on health care for all Oregonians. No government mandates!

Land Use: Sandy will promote local control of our land.

For more information please visit my website: or find me in Facebook: Oregonians for Sandra Abercrombie 2022

(This information furnished by Sandra A Abercrombie.)