Ramiro Navarro Jr

Race: House
District: 21


Occupation: Business Owner, Oregon’s Finest Automotive

Occupational Background: Welder, Mechanic, Residential Construction, Farmworker, and U.S. Soldier.

Educational Background: Coursework in Business Management, Chemeketa Community College; FCAW Welding Certification, R&S Welding School; Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic, U.S. Army

Prior Governmental Experience: Board Member at the Salem Area Mass Transit District representing Zone 2 (Keizer)


Fights for Veterans

  • Ramiro is an Army Veteran and has fought for veterans’ rights and as a local veterans program coordinator. Oregon currently ranks among the worst states for retiring veterans, veterans struggling with addiction, and homeless veterans. Our service members deserve better and who better to bring that change than someone who can empathize with combat veterans to ensure they have the support they need.

Strengthening Our Schools

  • As a father of 5, Ramiro knows the importance of quality education for all students. As a community leader who hosts a summer camp teaching youth the benefits of education, Ramiro will work with teachers to find solutions that help support our future leaders and our teachers who empower them.

Bringing Clean Jobs to Oregon

  • Oregon has been a pioneer in clean energy but could improve in some areas. Ramiro plans to make going green a viable and affordable alternative when it comes to transportation, energy, and clean drinking water. This will bring new jobs, new economic opportunities, and a future our children can be hopeful for.

Ramiro had the honor of fighting for the creed that all are created equal and that we all have protected rights. He supports peaceful organizing, bargaining, and human dignity for all which includes access to healthcare and veterans’ benefits.

Vote for Ramiro “RJ” Navarro. Together we can support our veterans, our students, and our Oregon.


Keizer City Councilor, Roland Herrera

Salem City Councilor, Trevor Phillips

Cherriots Board President, Ian Davidson

Salem-Keizer School Board Chair, Osvaldo Avila

Oregon League of Conservation Voters

American Federation of Teachers

Pro-Choice Oregon


(This information furnished by Friends of RJ Navarro.)