Patrick Castles

Race: House
District: 28


Occupation: Author

Occupational Background: Previously worked for IBM until 2018

Educational Background: Woodrow Wilson HS(now Ida B. Wells HS); University of Oregon, BS, political science; Portland State University, MA, political science

Prior Governmental Experience: Enumerator, Intern for Rep. Roger Martin, PCP

I am a life-long Oregonian, who recognizes the downhill trajectory of Oregon’s quality of life. Growing up a few blocks away from where I now live and where I and my children went to school, I know how District 28 has declined. Most of our problems have been created or aggravated by incumbent politicians who persist in failed policies. Here are a few places to start in building an Oregon that works for everyone:

TAXES—Every session of the legislature, we are burdened with additional taxes. Oregonians on the margins are faced with a growing cost of living. As these burdens add up, they fall into the camps of the homeless or otherwise live degraded financial lives. The pressure on our citizens causes mental health problems. The legislature then builds a bureaucracy to deal with the problem necessitating further taxation. The loop closes in on more and more Oregonians every year. Stop higher and higher taxation!

EDUCATION—I believe parents are the sole authority over the mind and bodies of their children. Our educational establishment should stick with the traditional subjects and methods parents expect.

CRIME and PUNISHMENT—Victim rights need to be respected and justice should be fair and certain. Abuse of prosecutorial discretion has led to more crime, not less. Every Oregonian should feel safe! Police reform should not prevent law enforcement from doing its job.

HOMELESSNESS—As noted above, reform of Oregon’s social order should start with government. Coordinating desperate bureaucracies should allow Oregon to focus on solving the problem in a cost-effective way.

ROADS and BRIDGES–In order to keep our air as clean as possible, roads should accomodate the natural growth in traffic and avoid traffic delays due to inadequate road surfaces.

(This information furnished by Friends of Patrick Castles.)