Michael F Moore

Race: House
District: 8


Occupation: Walmart Cart Associate

Occupational Background: Packaging Crew, The Register Guard

Educational Background: Churchill High School, Gutenberg College, Umpqua Community College

Prior Governmental Experience: Precinct Committee Person


Michael strongly supports term limits for elected officials and will pledge to serve only two terms if elected.

Standing up for Law Enforcement

Michael will fight against any effort to defund the police. He will also fight to keep violent criminals behind bars.

Fix Oregon's Addiction Crisis

Michael understands that the root of Oregon's homelessness crisis is chronic alcohol and drug addiction. As your next State Representative, Michael will work to give local communities the resources they need to fight addiction.

Empower Parents in Education

Michael supports parental involvement in education and opposes any effort to teach divisive curriculum, including CRT, behind parents' backs. He supports efforts requiring all curriculum to be posted online.

Tax Relief for Oregonians

Michael opposes any new taxes on the middle class and supports exempting basic necessities including food and medicine from Oregon's gross receipts tax to help struggling families hit hard by inflation.

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(This information furnished by Michael Moore.)