Kori Haynes

Race: House
District: 39


Occupation: Small business owner of a continuing education provider; Mother of fifth grader and two year-old.

Occupational Background: Insurance adjuster, Director of marketing

Educational Background: Marinello, Associate in Applied Science; Gresham High School

Prior Governmental Experience: None

Community Involvement: PTO member at Oregon Trail Elementary; Past PTA VP at Arthur Academy Charter School; Volunteer for Guide Dogs for the Blind, Little League, and Boy Scouts; Room Parent.

Curriculum and Parental Rights

We deserve to know what’s being taught to our kids, and should have the ability to opt out of controversial lessons. I will work to pass a Parents Bill of Rights to ensure every parent has the right to review their child’s curriculum, have access to copies of medical records, and the ability to visit the school to observe or check-in on their minor children.

Getting Serious about the Homeless Crisis and Criminality

We need to continue offering addiction treatment and transitional housing for those who want help. For those who use illegal camping sites as a base from which to commit crimes – we need to make arrests and convictions. I will vote to restore the rule of law, support first responders, and hold criminals accountable to their actions.

No More Lockdowns

For two years, we have suffocated under an inconsistent and overreacting pandemic response that has affected our children, small businesses, and communities. I will vote for limitations on the governor’s authority to curtail our freedoms.

Kids Over Unions

Like so many parents, I’ve had to juggle online learning for my fifth grader while keeping my home and small business in order. I will stand up to the bureaucrats and unions that have been slow to reopen schools, and make sure every child has the opportunity for in-person learning going forward.

Endorsed by

Jami Cate, State Representative
Stan Pulliam, Mayor of Sandy
Randy Lauer, Mayor of Troutdale
Lori Chavez-DeRemer, former Mayor of Happy Valley
Patrick Sheehan, former State Representative
Eric Post


(This information furnished by Evergreen Oregon PAC.)