Kimberly Rice

Race: Senate
District: 18


Occupation: Teacher

Occupational Background: Taught in Oregon, Washington, and Colorado schools

Educational Background: BA in Elementary Education, cum laude; University of Portland

Prior Governmental Experience: None

Family: I have been married for 31 years to my husband, a native Oregonian. My husband and I have two grown daughters.

Kim Rice for Senate District 18

Our families, businesses, and communities have been increasingly negatively impacted by progressive leftist policies. Oregonians deserve better. I am running because I care about our families and this beautiful state. Simply put, I will provide balance against government overreach and mandates. In these last two years have I have seen people come together to protect our God-given inalienable rights. People want leaders who will stand up to the agendas that infringe on our rights.

I support:

  • Liberty and personal freedoms for all. No mandates!
  • Parents and their rights to make independent decisions regarding health and education for their families. We need choice in schools and money following the student.
  • The US and Oregon Constitutions. I will uphold our Bill of Rights.
  • Safe communities.
  • Fair and friendly business policies that support small businesses.

I would be honored to earn your vote.

(This information furnished by People for Kim Rice.)