Kim Thatcher

Race: Senate
District: 11


Occupation: Owner; Heavy Highway Construction Company, State Senator – District 13

Occupational Background: Construction Projects Management

Educational Background: Oregon City High School, Portland State University

Prior Governmental Experience: State Representative 2005-2014, State Senator 2014 to present.

Legislative Committees: Vice-Chair, Senate Judiciary; Joint Committee on Legislative Audits; Chair, Oregon Transparency Commission; Public Records Advisory Council, plus many others.

Community Activities: Keizer, Wilsonville, Chehalem Valley, and Salem Chambers of Commerce

Personal: Happily married 37 years. Mother of four. Grandmother of seven.


Making Oregon a Better Place to Work & Raise a Family

  • Kim fights to stop abusive restrictions and mandates on small businesses and schools.
  • Kim pushes for effective checks on emergency powers.
  • Kim advocates cutting crippling regulations that worsen Oregon’s housing crisis.
  • Kim promotes policies encouraging job growth and reducing bureaucracy.
  • Kim fights to reduce taxes on families and small businesses.
  • Kim creates safer communities through work cracking down on sex offenders and human trafficking.
  • Kim continues to support laws that hold criminals accountable and make communities safer.

Making Oregon a Better Place to Go to School

  • Kim pushes setting budget priorities including funding schools first.
  • Kim supports immediately restoring graduation standards.
  • Kim fights to get our children back in the classroom and remove mandates that harm our children’s development.
  • Kim defends education freedom that improves educational opportunities for all Oregon children.
  • Kim continues to advocate for 21st century transparency that requires school districts to make education plans and curriculum easily available online.

A Pioneer for Transparency and Improving Election Safeguards

  • Kim spearheaded the Oregon Transparency Website allowing taxpayers to monitor state spending and programs.
  • Kim called on all legislators to put their name on bills they introduce to promote transparency in lawmaking while bolstering accountability to voters.
  • Kim has, for years, called for regular and thorough election system audits that will ensure fair elections voters can trust.

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