Kevin L Mannix

Race: House
District: 21


Occupation: Attorney

Occupational Background: Private law practice since 1986; Assistant Attorney General, Oregon; Assistant Attorney General, U.S. Territory of Guam; Administrative Law Judge, Oregon; Law Clerk, Oregon Court of Appeals

Educational Background: University of Virginia Law School and College of Arts and Sciences

Prior Governmental Experience: State Representative; State Senator; Oregon Republican Party Chair; Marion County Republican Party Chair; Precinct Committee Person

Oregon Needs Effective Leadership

Oregon has been on a slow decline under poor leadership for years. It wasn’t always this way.

“When Kevin was in the Oregon Legislature years ago, he passed more of his bills than any other legislator in Oregon history. No one got more done for our community than Kevin.”

Cherish Clark, Owner of Mommy and Maddi’s (Keizer)

Standing Up for Crime Victims

“Kevin is the father of Measure 11, the ballot measure which established mandatory minimum prison sentences for violent criminals. Today he is fighting in court to stop Governor Brown from her continued early release of large groups of violent criminals. Kevin Mannix is Oregon’s leading crime victim advocate.”

Brian Eaker, Crime Victim

Fighting for Common Sense

“The COVID mandates of the last two years have been devastating for small businesses, churches, and especially parents and their school aged children. Kevin Mannix, as an attorney, has been constantly pushing back in court against a government run wild.”

Colm Willis, Parent & Marion County Commissioner

Defending Our Republican Values

“Kevin Mannix has been a champion for the rights of the unborn in Oregon for decades. Join me and vote to send him back to the Oregon Legislature to contend for the most vulnerable in our community.”

Lois Anderson, Executive Director of Oregon Right to Life PAC (Keizer)

“Kevin Mannix is one of my political heroes.”

Former State Representative Bill Post (Keizer)


Joe Kast, Marion County Sheriff
Marion County Commissioner Danielle Bethell
State Senator Kim Thatcher
Taxpayers Association of Oregon PAC

(This information furnished by Kevin L Mannix.)