Keith Lembke

Race: House
District: 16


Occupation: Substitute Teacher, Security Consultant

Occupational Background: Retired Military Officer, Political and Security

Educational Background: West Point, BS, Industrial Management, US Military Academy; Central Michigan University, MS, Public Administration

Prior Governmental Experience: None

* I Will Reign In Crime.

TRUST. I know from experience, people whom live in fear of physical harm do not have the ability to improve their lives. I will fight for equal protection for all people.

First, we must uphold the equitable and fair enforcement of the rule of law, empowering law enforcement with the required resources to be better integrated into their communities. With the right resources, law enforcement can build trust. This will reduce crime, violence, and obstacles to progress.

* I Will Reign In Homelessness.

EMPATHY. In my visits to homeless communities, I have yet to see real empathy or compassion. I have only seen convenient and justified neglect. Widespread homelessness and aggressive panhandling is not respecting humanity.

It’s time to shut down homeless tent cities for more humane, compassionate, and respectful alternatives. Effective examples exist of multi-disciplinary approaches that truly assist homeless individuals. I will work to ensure that programs focused on individual care and treatment are funded and supported.

* I Will Empower Parents.

CHOICE. I believe education is a partnership between educators and the legal guardians. I do not believe it is a partnership between educators and the students without guardian participation.

Parents and legal guardians must have a choice in the education of their children, including the selection of the school that best suits their students’ needs. I will protect the parents’ and guardians’ right to guide their children’s’ education by supporting school choice. I will advocate for parents’ and guardian’s rights to determine where, and how, their education taxes are spent.

We know what works. We just need to do it. Elect me and I will.

(This information furnished by Keith Lembke.)