John Woods

Race: House
District: 34


Occupation: Retired

Occupational Background: Electronics Technician

Educational Background: Assoc. Degree, Electrical Technology, Morrisville Ag & Tech College

Prior Governmental Experience: US Navy Veteran

I Will Fight to Reign In Crime.

The highest purpose of our police is to secure the life, property, and rights of the people. Like the rest of us, Police must obey the law and be held accountable when they don’t. At the same time, police must be able to enforce the law confident we have their backs. Police should be the wall standing between lawful citizens and criminal activity. We must adequately fund, train, and honor the vast majority of police who serve with honor and heroism.

I Will Address the Homelessness Problem.

Like you, I want to show compassion to people struggling to survive. But widespread homelessness and aggressive panhandling is no answer. Oregonians have a right to clean, safe neighborhoods free of trash and human waste. It’s time to shut down homeless camps and tent communities. At the same time, let’s work with our churches, communities, and networks of shelters and services to make alternatives of homelessness safer and more accessible. Job creation, and training for those who can work is an important step. Mental health issues and substance abuse issues need to be addressed.

I Will Fight to Empower Parents.

Schools and teachers are important, but PARENTS should be the primary directors of their childrens’ education. Parents are the ones who see the talents, skills, needs and dreams of their children. School curriculum, teaching methods, board policies, and other such things must be transparent and easily accessible to parents. Money should follow students into any accredited public, private, charter, or home school chosen by parents. All parents should have access to the same choices, regardless of income. Our schools should be as diverse as our children are.

We know what works. We just need to do it. Elect me and I will.

(This information furnished by John Woods.)