Joe Everton

Race: House
District: 30


Occupation: Software Engineer and Data Scientist

Occupational Background: Delivered fab automation software, 3D game tools, an online game, and aerial drones.

Educational Background: B.S. Computer Science – University of Utah; Masters of Computer Science with Data Science – University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign

Prior Governmental Experience: HSD Community Curriculum Advisory Committee (5 years) – advises the school board on new curricula.

My wife and I have been raising our family in Hillsboro for twenty years, and serving in our schools for most of that time. Last year I ran for school board, and fought alongside other parents to open our schools sooner to help our most vulnerable students. I spoke up for parental rights. Looking at recent legislation (e.g. SB1521), it is clear that this fight is for control over our laws, not just our local schools and board.

We need to…

Protect our freedoms

  • COVID has shown us that our state government has too much power.
  • Other states suffered less impact with fewer restrictions.
  • Mandates have stalled our children’s education and hurt small businesses.
  • We need to reconsider limits on what our government can mandate.

Keep public school decisions local

  • The superintendent should be accountable to the school board, who answer to parents and voters. Salem is changing this formula to centralize control.
  • Salem’s one-size-fits-all programs are crippling our local schools.
  • Over 3% of our students are trying to transfer out to other districts or charter schools because their needs are not met in local public schools. Private schools are overflowing. These alternatives should be open to all students.
  • Parents should have more say in their children’s education.

The past two years have shown real divisions across our state. In Salem, I will actively work with both sides to find the best solutions for Oregon.


  • Shawn Lindsay – State Representative, 2011-2013
  • Bruce Starr – State Senator, 2002 – 2012; State Representative, 1998 – 2002

(This information furnished by Joe Everton for Hillsboro.)