Jeffrey S Hindley

Race: House
District: 36


Occupation: Manager, Training & Employee Development. Realtor.

Occupational Background: Criminal Justice Supervisor. Youth Mental Health Case Manager

Educational Background: BA in Organizational Leadership; MA in Theological Studies

Prior Governmental Experience: Washington County Homeless Plan Advisory Committee. Washington County Rural Roads Maintenance Advisory Committee. 20 years of County Government experience.

I am not driven by political ideology. Data, research, and best practices inform my policy positions and how they best benefit citizens. It is NOT government’s role to solve every problem, but it IS our job to provide fair and equitable opportunity for all who seek it.

A leader at the state level must be prepared to be fiscally conservative and financially creative in order to minimize costs and spending so we can best meet our obligations for essential services, while not burdening businesses and citizens with non-stop increases in taxes/fees.

  • A comprehensive Timber and Forest Management policy. Our environment is getting devastated by poor timber practices. We must reinstate common-sense logging, thin targeted forests, and create more fire breaks/roads to ensure the protection our forests, animal species and our air.

  • Legislation to restrict Metros’ areas of responsibility and give back power and control over public policy to the cities/counties.
  • Legislation to implement term-limits for elected officials and campaign finance reform to remove the corruption and money of special interest on our political process and our politicians.
  • Fund to subsidize the minimizing of SDC charges and land costs in targeted developments around the state so cities/counties can build ‘affordable single-family’ homes. We must support home ownership and help lower and middle-income individuals build wealth through equity!
  • Provide incentives to cities and counties to increase the development of master-plan tiny home communities.
  • I would support a thorough review/audit of all state departments and consider cuts to some non-essential services to better prepare the state for contingencies and policy priorities.

Help me bring common sense policies and relationship back to Salem for the sake of our State!

(This information furnished by friends to elect Jeff Hindley.)