Jeff Helfrich

Race: House
District: 52


Occupation: Manager Hood-Tech-Aero

Occupational Background: State Legislator; Police Sergeant; Cascade Locks City Councilor; MCEDD Board of Directors; Security Police-US Air Force; Farmhand.

Educational Background: Columbine High School; Oregon Public Safety Academy/DPSST

Prior Governmental Experience: Oregon House of Representatives, 2017-19; City of Cascade Locks Councilor; Planning Commissioner/Budget Committee member; Economic Development Workgroup

Bringing People Together. Getting Things Done.

As your State Representative, I fought for conservative values. I still hold these principals, but much has changed since I served. Salem Politicians are out of control. In law enforcement, I held people accountable, and in Salem, I'll do the same.

Defending Law Enforcement; Men and women who put their lives on the line every day to protect us deserve better. We must not tolerate the rhetoric that Oregon should “defund police”. As a military veteran and former police officer, I'll stand up every day to protect those who protect us.

Ending Government Overreach; For two years, the Democrat-majority in the Legislature did nothing to stop Kate Brown’s mandates and executive orders that controlled our lives, shut down businesses, and harmed our kids’ education. The results were devastating. We live in a free country. It’s time our elected leaders start acting like it.

Investing in Education: As a father, I know the importance of funding public education and ensuring our schools work for our children. Additionally, we must teach our children to be independent thinkers and schools must engage parents transparently about curriculum.

Promoting Economic Growth: Without small business, Oregon’s economy suffers. As an Economic Development and Trade member, I helped develop and grow businesses in our community. Attracting stable, good-paying jobs to our District continues to be my focus.

Oregon Coalition of Police Sheriffs: ORCOPS

State Senator Chuck Thomsen

#TimberUnity PAC

Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Oregon Moms Building Excellent Schools Together PAC

Local Jobs Matter PAC

No Tolls Oregon PAC

"I’d appreciate your vote to so serve you once again!" Representative Jeff Helfrich

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