Glenn H Gaither

Race: House
District: 32


Occupation: Retired

Occupational Background: Marine Corps, Army, Correctional Peace Officer, EMS

Educational Background: Knappa High School, Divers Institute of Technology, professional development courses

Prior Governmental Experience: law enforcement teamsters local 117

A government that does not recognize the rights of its people, ignores their grievances, and uses threats of retaliation for non-compliance, is tyrannical.

Since covid 19 mandates Oregonians have had their lives turned upside down, their freedoms restricted, and their voices silenced.

When citizens voiced their disagreement with vaccine mandates, current elected officials abused their powers by threatening citizens income for non-compliance. These threats even targeted those we needed the most, in time of crisis. Many first responders, doctors, nurses, and essential workers, our pandemic heroes, were tossed aside and their careers destroyed, for simply affirming their rights.

Parents, fed up with the lack of quality in education, progressive political indoctrination, the forcing of masks on healthy children and the sexualization of underaged children, showed up in record numbers to protest. For these parent’s efforts, to protect their children, they were labeled terrorists, reported to law enforcement, and harassed by school faculty.

The Oregon I grew up in valued our Constitution and Bill of Rights and both parties loved our country. The Oregon I grew up in cared about small business, people being able to build their dreams. valued education and equipped my generation with the tools needed to succeed in life and protected a child’s innocence. The Oregon I grew up in had safe streets, protected citizens, held crimals accountable, was color blind and we were taught to respect each other and ignore race, wasn’t that the dream of Martin Luther King Jr?

We have many issues in our state right now. There are serious threats to our safety, children’s futures, and our economy. Lets work together to restore Oregon to its greatness and make it fully accountable to and governed by the consent of its people.

(This information furnished by Glenn H Gaither.)