Ed Diehl

Race: House
District: 17


Occupation: Business Owner

Occupational Background: Co-Owner/President, Concept Systems Inc

Educational Background: Bachelor and Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University

Prior Governmental Experience: 20+ years in business dealing with government overreach


Bootstrapped our business into a leading technology services provider. I am a leader in budgeting, planning, team-building, negotiating, and delivering results.


Thousands of hours of service – My heart is in this community.

Volunteer Boards of Directors: Santiam Hospital, Santiam Canyon Long Term Recovery Group, Catholic Community Services Foundation. Advisory Committee, Santiam Canyon Wildfire Relief Fund. Knights of Columbus.

This district has been our home for 25 years. We raised our kids here.


Pro-Liberty, Pro-Constitution, Pro-Life

Our Oregon government is failing us. From reckless COVID policies, to unnecessary wildfires, to rising homelessness and crime. Bit by bit, our Liberty is disappearing. I am a man of faith, a businessman, and a volunteer. I will bring proven leadership, conservative values, a deep understanding of this community, and a drive for results to Salem. My campaign is about restoring FREEDOM to the citizens of Oregon.

End executive overreach. Limit the scope and duration of the governor’s emergency authority.

Support farmers and small business. Reduce the regulatory and tax burden.

Local control of education. Parents have the fundamental right to direct the upbringing and education of their children.

Active forest management. Forest stewardship provides jobs, reduces fuel, and improves recreational opportunities. And when a fire starts, put it out!

Support our police. Restore law and order, advocate for victims of crime.

Tackle homelessness. Lead with compassion, expect accountability. Eliminate homeless tent camps.

Defend 2nd Amendment Rights.

Learn more at EdDiehl.com and Facebook @EdDiehlforOregon


Oregon Right to Life PAC
Jami Cate, State Representative
Danielle Bethell, Colm Willis, Marion County Commissioners
Sherrie Sprenger, Roger Nyquist, Will Tucker, Linn County Commissioners
Sam Brentano, former Marion County Commissioner
Former Rep. Bill Post
Mayors Jim Kingsbury, Tim Kirsch, Ron Carmickle

(This information furnished by Ed Diehl for Oregon.)