Dan Davis

Race: House
District: 6


Occupation: Entrpreneur, Occupation: r; Business owner/CEO (3 different companies).,President/ owner of D2X Construction and D2X Associates dba prime architect/engineering contractor to the VA in Portland, OR, Vancouver, WA; Brooklyn, NY; St Albans, NY: and Manhattan, NY; for designs, specifications, drawings and construction estimates:

Occupational Background: Occupational Background: US Army Vietnam, 1968; General Electric Co Schenectady, NYEngineer, Sr Engineer and Manager; Entrepreneur, Founder and owner: Turbine Technology Services Corp in Saratoga County ,NY. Builder/developer Jackson County, OR,S.O. Habitat for Humanity Board (President)

Educational Background: : Baccalaureate degree,Westminster College(4 years) in Math; Distinguished Military Student and Graduate; New Mexico State University, Business law and Accounting; College, Systems Analysis; GE, Effective Cash Management training.

Prior Governmental Experience: Platoon leader and unit Commander,Viet Nam, U.S. Army Safeguard System Evaluation Agency (R&D); Oregon Energy Trust Board; RVTD Board Vice Chair

As your representative some of my focus areas would be: Veterans Issues, Climate and Environment Protection, Homelessness, Fire Protection, and Suicide Prevention.

(This information furnished by Dan Davis.)