Brian Lepore

Race: House
District: 55


Occupation: Deschutes County Diversified Crop and Livestock Farmer

Occupational Background: Soil Scientist, Assistant Professor, Ball State University

Educational Background: PhD Soil Science and MA Physics University of Wisconsin – Madison; BS Physics University of Denver; AS General Colorado Mountain College

Prior Governmental Experience: Deschutes County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) Rural Living Steering Committee; Delaware County Indiana SWCD Board

My family moved to Central Oregon 10 years ago, attracted by its beauty and opportunities. A soil scientist and professor back in Indiana, I tried my hand at direct-market farming in Central Oregon and discovered how hard it is to make a living in rural Oregon. On top of tough economics, we are suffering the worst drought in 1200 years with increasing wildfire and worries about water.

Our communities are also struggling with poor access to healthcare, skyrocketing housing costs, struggling schools, and recovering from a global pandemic.

I believe we can create growing communities that support everyone. I'm willing to see problems clearly and stay at the table to work hard work with people of diverse perspectives to find solutions for the district that are fair, sustainable, and respectful.

Thoughtful and Collaborative Problem Solver

“We need a representative in Salem who knows the struggle of a small business; who relies on affordable insurance to help pay for the costs of aging parents and back surgeries; and who knows what it’s like to make tough decisions around the planting season because irrigation water isn’t going to come. Brian Lepore is that person.” ––– (Trudi Cruzen, HD55 Occupational Therapist and CSA customer of Brian's Farm)

We are proud to endorse Brian Lepore for HD 55:

Debra Matthews, Malin Agriculture Consultant and Businesswoman

Katie Swanson, Klamath Falls Farmer

Phil Chang, Deschutes County Commissioner

John Hummel, Deschutes County District Attorney

Jason Kropf, State Representative HD54

Jamie McLeod-Skinner, Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board Member and CD5 candidate

Casey Kulla, Yamhill County Commissioner and Farmer

Oregon League of Conservation Voters

(This information furnished by Brian Lepore.)