Ben Edtl

Race: House
District: 37


Occupation: CEO at Free Oregon, Inc.

Occupational Background: Founder & CEO of Free Oregon, Inc. a non-partisan 501c4 advocating for government accountability; 20-year career entrepreneur in Manufacturing, Software, Retail and Consumer Products.

Educational Background: Business & entrepreneurship lecturer: University of Portland, Portland State University and Washington State University.

Prior Governmental Experience: Precinct Committee Person. Leadership & Entrepreneurship Public Charter High School Board Chairman.

The State is working aggressively to destroy generations of Oregonians through lockdowns, school closures and tyrannical state actions – all in the name of “safety” and “equity.”

After my family business was destroyed in 2020 by lockdowns, lawlessness and cancel culture, I decided to take a stand. I founded Free Oregon, Inc., a non-partisan 501c4 fiercely fighting against government overreach. Free Oregon unified tens of thousands of Oregonians to defend the freedoms of first responders, teachers and healthcare workers; restore back to basics education in our schools; hold government accountable to operate within the law; and expose and punish political corruption. As your representative for Senate District 19, I will continue this fight against the relentless attacks on our freedoms and “clean house” in Salem.


  • Limit the powers of governor, OHA, ODE and OSHA
  • Reverse Covid mandates and return to constitutionally guaranteed medical freedoms and bodily autonomy
  • Support and fully fund public safety infrastructure
  • Protect 2nd Amendment rights
  • Reverse unconstitutional gun laws imposed on law abiding citizens
  • Stop political indoctrination in our public schools, restore statewide standards, remove divisive CRT and return school districts to local control
  • Lower taxes; reduce the size of state government; support small business and defend property rights

Our bodies, our children and our property do not belong to the government. It’s time to take Oregon in a new direction.


Restore Oregon Now, PAC

Parents’ Rights in Education, PAC

Oregonians for Medical Freedom, Executive Director Breana Jarmer

Free Oregon, Inc

Oregon Firearms Federation, PAC

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(This information furnished by Ben Edtl for the People.)