Anthony Sorace

Race: House
District: 31


Occupation: Engineer

Occupational Background: Software and systems engineer; engineering management; non-profit director and treasurer; youth minister

Educational Background: The Pingry School – High school

Prior Governmental Experience: PCP (2018-present) and Chair (2020- present), Columbia County Democrats

I will help build an Oregon that works for all of us, and ensure that our government preserves the rights of all Oregonians while making sure everyone has equal access to every opportunity they can.

The cost of living is rising, making it harder for families and seniors on a fixed income to live comfortably. This, along with a lack of affordable housing is contributing to the homelessness epidemic. I will work to ensure that jobs with liveable wages are readily available.

I believe the Democratic ideal is for every person to have an equal voice in our government and our society, but too often if feels like every dollar gets an equal voice, instead. I will work to reduce the corrosive effect money is having on our politics.

The legislature made progress on several issues during this year’s short session, including improving health care coverage, fair treatment for agricultural workers, protecting our environment, addressing our housing crisis, and other issues. I will continue to build on that work, furthering progress on these issues and many more they didn’t address. I’m asking for your vote so that we can keep Oregon moving forward together.

(This information furnished by Anthony for Oregon.)