Amelia Salvador

Race: House
District: 50


Occupation: Commercial Real Estate Broker & Small Business Owner

Occupational Background: Events Management & Marketing

Educational Background: College of Legal Arts, Reynolds HS

Prior Governmental Experience: Gresham Redevelopment Commission-Advisory & Budget Committees, City of Gresham-Charter Review Committee, Prosper Portland-Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative,Parkrose Board Member



Amelia is a first generation, native Oregonian who will fight to restore balance and inclusion to our state legislation. She’s been a life-long community activist. As a single mother of five grown children and one grandchild, Amelia will prioritize, advocate and protect the best interest of her community and for all Oregonians.


OREGONIANS HAVE HAD ENOUGH. I refuse to condone homelessness. I will be pro-active to find positive solutions. Third-world living conditions, overnight camping in streets, unsanitary heaps of garbage is unacceptable and inhumane. We must work collaboratively with Local City, County & State jurisdictions to resolve this issue, but not at the expense of our citizens.


OREGONIANS HAVE HAD ENOUGH. I want to continue to live in Oregon. It’s worth fighting for to keep the cost of living affordable. I will not allow the trickle effects of over-taxation to affect our daily living expenses. My priority is to keep gas and groceries affordable.


OREGONIANS HAVE HAD ENOUGH. Safety and law and order is a priority. I understand the importance of effective community/economic development and the positive impact it has on our community. We need to create new opportunities, offer vital resources, new amenities, provide more housing and bring more job opportunities into our region. We must protect and have the best interest of our citizens.


OREGONIANS HAVE HAD ENOUGH. The answer is not to ask more money from our tax payers to resolve financial issues, the answer is to appropriately allocate and budget what the Government currently receives from Us. I will advocate for a more efficient, effective checks & balances system in Salem.


(This information furnished by Amelia Salvador.)