Alistair Firmin

Race: House
District: 38


Occupation: Business Executive

Occupational Background: Performance Improvement, Leadership, Technology

Educational Background: MBA, William & Mary, Mason School of Business. BA, Communication, University at Albany, State University of New York.

Prior Governmental Experience: Appointed to Lake Oswego School Board committee

Community Involvement: Immediate Past Board Chair of OMSI, Past Board Chair of Youth Villages Oregon, Board member of Cascade Pacific Council Scouts BSA, Assistant Scoutmaster of a Scouts BSA troop of girls.

Personal: Married to Kate for 23 years. Father of 2 Lake Oswego graduates and 2 currently in Lake Oswego schools.


The most important thing is that you vote.

Balance, Moderation, True Representation


Oregon needs a more balanced legislature. Supermajority rule is harming this once great state.

  • 34% of registered voters control 62% of the House of Representatives
  • Voters defeated a gross receipts tax; the legislature chose to pass one anyway
  • Oregonians deserve more value for the amount of money we pay in taxes


Governing from the middle and bringing all to the table will get Oregon back on track.

  • Partner with business to restore Oregon’s economic strength
  • Reasonable, responsible controls and regulations
  • Long term planning, not knee jerk politically motivated decisions

True Representation

All Oregonians deserve a voice; a few individuals in one party should not control decisions for all.

  • Public schools must work for all, education standards raised, and curriculum input from parents
  • Law enforcement is essential to the well-being of our communities and needs to be supported
  • Homeless crisis across the state is getting worse, not better; we need a comprehensive plan


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Lake Oswego Counselor Aaron Rapf

Portland Business Executive Claudia Valderrama

Small Business Owner Ashley Miller

Former Oregon Republican Party Chair Allen Alley

Former Lake Oswego Board Chair Bob Barman

Former Lake Oswego Mayor Kent Studebaker

Former Lake Oswego Councilor Jeff Gudman

Former Lake Oswego Councilor Skip O’Neill

(This information furnished by Alistair Firmin.)