Oregon Money Watch

Welcome to Oregon Money Watch, an automated campaign finance tracking tool showing you how campaign dollars are earned and expended in Oregon. Anyone working in politics knows all too well the headache caused by tracking campaign finance activity. Candidates, caucuses, lobbyists, journalists and engaged citizens often spend 10-20 hours per week researching dollars raised and spent for state races. But, even when you spend the time to pull all the relevant financial data points on a given day, what you gain from that effort is only a static year-to-date (YTD) snapshot of a political process that is constantly changing and unfolding.

Money Watch collects all four relevant financial YTD data points available on the Secretary of State's ORESTAR reporting system (contributions, expenditures, cash on hand, balance/deficit), and tracks this data over time to ascertain daily, weekly, and monthly rates of change. Money Watch provides a cumulative review of information, telling a more dynamic story than can be extrapolated from a singular snapshot in time. Compiling this information into a series of comparative charts and graphs provides you with the ability to sift through an immense amount of information quickly and very easily with only a few clicks of your mouse.